In version 6.8.7 (07.05.2020)

New PVsyst files encoding (UTF-8) since v6.8.0. Version 6.8.7 is a minor update mainly fixing PVGIS imports due to API server changes


  1. Databases update.
Fixed errors:
  1. Meteo import of known formats.
    – Fixed PVGIS imports due to API server changes (TMY, time series, horizon)
    – Fixed crash with NSRDB files
  2. Fixed miscellaneous crashes:
    – when using result graph previous/next month
    – when using Module Layout
    – when running simulation
  3. Fixes for batch mode:
    – Setting of number of domes now working correctly
    – Setting shed width. Smaller than original width was not possible
    – When site was changed, the meteo was not shown correctly in the result file
  4. Fixed wrong label for thin object electrical effect in report
  5. Fixed String distribution for Mixed orientations
  6. Fixed determining pitch from shading scene, which was not correct in some special cases

In version 6.8.6 (19.12.19)

!!! New PVsyst files encoding (UTF-8) since v6.8.0. Version 6.8.6 is a minor update mainly fixing some issues of previous versions. !!!

  1. Databases update.
  2. Economic evaluation : added self consumption economy to yearly balance plot
  3. Updated direct PVGIS import to version 5.1.
Fixed errors:
  1. Fixed license issue when hard disk identifier contains braces.
  2. Fixed several crashes specific to v6.8.4 or v6.8.5:
    – two PDF errors (EPdfError) when saving and loading a PDF report
    – another PDF errors (EPdfError) when clicking on the report button from the results menu
    – IO Error when importing a .DAE file in 3D scene
    – when using the interactive map
  3. Fixed miscellaneous crashes:
    – while studying the Mismatch in voltage between strings
    – when printing a report
    – when saving a variant (VCalcul)
    – when copy-pasting modules in 3D scene
    – when selecting system type (grid-connected, stand alone, etc.)
    – when closing the shading dialog.

In version 6.8.5 (01.11.19)

!!! New PVsyst files encoding (UTF-8) since v6.8.0. Version 6.8.4 is a minor update mainly fixing some issues of previous versions. !!!

  1. Databases update.
Fixed errors:
  1. Fixed error in spectral correction calculation with mixed orientations.
  2. Grid storage: fixed a display error of the system Voltage when using a Battery as Rack
  3. Pump dialog: fixed problems when defining specification curves
  4. Transposition factor tool: the curves didn’t appear
  5. Fixed several crashes specific to v6.8.4:
    – when starting PVsyst on PC using Windows in non-latine language
    – when selecting a point on sea on interactive map
    – when starting PVsyst in some specific configurations
    – when starting PVsyst and checking for software updates
  6. Fixed several crashes related to file access:
    – when saving report in pdf format
    – when reading an invalid .PNG file
    – when reading a custom .PAN file
  7. Fixed miscellaneous crashes
    – when computing shadings during simulation
    – when running simulation
    – when loading pre-sizing results
  8. Economic evaluation
    – Increased length for « Own funds » and « Loan » fields
    – Fixed number conversion error message for « Own funds » and « Loan » fields
    – Fixed loan principal total in financial results table
    – Fixed economic evaluation sometimes not printed in the report
  9. Report : fixed custom comments modification to re-generate the report
  10. Tracker axis tilt now working correctly in batch mode
  11. Corrected grid limitation loss calculation for special cases in with Power Factor < 1
  12. When exporting loss diagram values, decimal separator now follows settings from preferences
  13. Fixed compatibility check between 3D drawing and bifacial model for row width.

In version 6.8.4 (30.08.19)

!!! New PVsyst files encoding (UTF-8) since v6.8.0. Version 6.8.4 is a minor update mainly fixing some issues of previous versions. !!!

  1. Shadings:
    – Object management toolbar reordering
    – Label changes for some buttons
    – Added / corrected label translations
  2. Meteo import of known formats:
    – Added import for new SolarAnywhere files – available in TMY and timeseries (hourly and 30minutes).
Fixed errors:
  1. Module layout: fixed an access violation when defining module layout.
  2. Read – Write: fixed error when reading .CMx files written with v6.8.3
  3. Fixed crashes when comparing data plots
  4. Economic evaluation :
    – Fixed loading unit price from a previous evaluation which was failing in specific cases.
  5. Carbon balance: fixed Detailed system LCE tab behavior
  6. Batch Mode: fixed errors when changing PV capacity
  7. Losses: fixed wires going outside the wiring schema
  8. System: fixed error causing PVsyst to not respond when editing minimum SOC
  9. Corrected a crash when entering the Grid storage option for the first time  (V 6.82 and 6.83)
  10. Concentrating systems: corrected the PR calculation  (was not calculated).

In version 6.8.3 (18.07.19)

!!! This version is a minor update mainly fixing some issues of version 6.8.2 !!!

  1. Economic evaluation:
    – Improved amount display
    – Cosmetic changes in PDF report
Fixed errors:
  1. Fixed crash when using PV Module dialog (specific to v6.8.2).
  2. Fixed importing data from PVGIS (TMY, time series and Horizon).
  3. Economic evaluation :
    – Fixed erroneous inverter quantity for some specific systems.

In version 6.8.2 (04.07.19)

!!! This version is a minor update mainly fixing some issues of version 6.8.1 !!!

  1. Economic evaluation:
    – Added « Residual value » information used for accounting depreciation
Fixed errors:
  1. Deep review of the Soiling treatment.
  2. Shadings:
    – Fixed bugs in group and orientation edition
    – Fixed zones and masks display
  3. Economic evaluation:
    – Fixed bug which occurred due to screen resolution
    – Fixed loan annuity formula description in Help topics
  4. Orientations:
    – fixed erroneous mismatch between the variant and shadings orientations
  5. PVsyst directories:
    – reintroduced version number in path to configuration/log files.

In version 6.8.1 (31.05.19)

!!! This version is a minor update mainly fixing some issues of version 6.8.0 !!!

  1. Shading scene:
    – new advanced selection tool to list and manage all scene objects
    – added grouped modification of tables base slope
    – increased maximum size allowed when creating a ground object
  2. Economic evaluation : allowed negative value for total operating costs, minor cosmetic changes
  3. Price list : added button to create a new seller when defining price for a component
  4. Renamed some Transposition Variables for more consistency
Fixed errors:
  1. Shadings:
    – fixed a crash when using table zones
    – fixed a crash when importing Helios3D scenes containing trees
    – fixed reading of .SHD file in binary format (written with v6.3.9 or earlier)
  2. Solar tool box : minor bug fixes
  3. Fixed graphics of result variables displaying data only up to 11am
  4. Grid Limitation calculation corrected for cos(phi) <> 1
  5. Variable selection in optimization tool fixed
  6. Fixed bugs when reading load profiles from file
  7. Fixed crash when escaping from interactive map
  8. Reading Li-Ion battery from a  .BTR file produced a dummy (blocking) error.

In version 6.8.0 (17.05.19)

!!! This version is a major update with new PVsyst files encoding (UTF-8) !!!

  1. Turkish translation now available in Pvsyst.
  2. Universal battery (only defined by a voltage and capacity) for batch optimizations
  3. Stand-alone systems : definition of the initial State of wear  (SOW) for each run
  1. New PVsyst files encoding (UTF-8) supporting all the international characters. This modification applies to all PVsyst files (*.PRJ, *.VCx, *.PAN, etc.)
  2. SolarEdge architecture : new rules and new components
  3. Shading scene:
    – Automatic naming of imported PV fields according to their position and orientation
    – Optional display of the solar path
  4. Module layout:
    – Added information tooltip when moving the mouse on a module
  5. Hidden parameters:
    – Added filters to search parameters
  6. Project report:
    – New default plots included : Input/Ouptut graph and Power distribution
    – Additional plots for report : selectable from predefined graphs
  7. Economic evaluation:
    – Improved the prices setting for self-consumption
  8. Batch mode variables:
    – Parameters for storage systems: Battery capacity, load profiles and grid unavailability definitions.
Fixed errors:
  1. Added more requirements in workspace dialogs to avoid Users having their Data in the installation dir
  2. Fixed crash when creating a new variant of Standalone system
  3. Fixed various crashes in module layout
  4. Fixed crash with ageing degradation activated
  5. Fixed miscellaneous crashes:
    – when searching lat long values on interactive map
    – when entering Flowrate value in the H, P (F) curves tab for solar pump definitions
    – when exiting PVsyst
    – when reading project file with unexpected project names
    – when exporting bifacial project.

In version 6.7.9 (06.03.19)

!!! If you are using version 6.73 or older, you are required to synchronize your license before downloading this version!!!

  1. New option: Tracking algorithm by optimization of the irradiance on the tracker:
  2. Feed-in Tariffs may be specified in hourly values
  3. Meteo imports:
    – New direct import formats:
    – Vaisala: new CSV files from Vaisala for TMY and long-term series
    – PVGIS: direct import of time series with choice of the database, multi-year hourly files and monthly averaged site
    – Custom meteo import (previously ASCII meteo import) has been heavily reworked:
    – New interface
    – Import of new variables: precipitable water, relative humidity, Linke coefficient, aerosol optical depth
    – Choice of the unit of the variables, multiplier not needed anymore
  4. Shading scene:
    – New “Electric pylon” elementary shading object
    – New tool to link cables between pylons.
  1. PV modules dialog, new graphs when adjusting the parameters Rserie and Rshunt
  2. Creation of Hourly parameter’s files difficult with some EXCEL configurations (parasitic characters)
  3. Stand-alone controllers: the control of the load (discharge) may be managed by an external device
  4. Economic evaluation: new functionality to import hourly defined feed-in tariff from a custom CSV file
  5. Shadings:
    – added warnings when importing big files, also added automatic geometry simplification after the import of topographic data
    – allowed trackers with a single table to inherit backtracking parameters from the reference tracker
  6. In file menu, added new command to refresh Databases
  7. New button to create a site directly from project window
  8. Sorting on project’s site is now available when loading projects
Fixed errors:
  1. Bi-facial systems: secured initialization of the bifacial treatment parameters when changing the parameters in the project
  2. Mixed-orientation projects (v 6.77 and 6.78): the Nominal Energy was not correct on the loss diagram,
    => all subsequent losses expressed as percentages up to EArrNom are false (but correct in energy)
    => the simulation results are not affected
  3. Grid-storage, peak shaving option: doesn’t work (in V 6.78 only)
  4. PNom sharing orientations: errors in the dialog (option “single/all inverters” not working)
  5. Monthly tables for Normalized Performance indices were empty
  6. Multiple major and minor bug fixes in economic evaluation tool
  7. Report : losses diagram units and number of decimals are now kept when exporting it, they can also be defined as default in the print settings
  8. Since V6.76 hidden parameters were lost when exiting from PVsyst
  9. Fixed problems with country selection in the geographical site
  10. Simulation results: monthly tables and graphs now work properly
  11. Proxy parameters are now applied correctly for every web request
  12. Paste button in geographical site works again
  13. Shading scene: fixed issue related to image transparency
  14. Corrected grid limitation losses on report
  15. Fixed power sharing definitions for inverters with more than 6 MPPT
  16. Fixed miscellaneous crashes:
    – when closing PVsyst
    – when using the Storage button
    – when generating ageing mismatch data
    – on reopening plot windows in Meteo tables and graphs
    – when using the transposition tool (for optimisation of the plane orientation)
    – related to the horizon in monthly meteo tools.

In version 6.7.8 (18.12.18)

!!! If you are using version 6.73 or older, you are required to synchronize your license before downloading this version!!!

  1. Advanced economic evaluation tool :
    – Detailed investment and running costs definition
    – Feed-in tariff strategy definition
    – Takes the long-term degradation (ageing tool) into account
    – Financial balance calculation: payback period, return on investment, dividends, taxes
    – Results and graphs on the report.
  1. Interactive map: GoogleMaps web service is no more available.
    Optimized access to OpenStreetMap and Geonames web services.
    Fixed several related issues, namely possibility of defining GPS coordinates
  2. Grid power limitation: reintroduced the limit at the Inverter level
  3. Implemented Grid limitation when Self-consumption
  4. Auxiliaries: separate Day and Night aux. losses.
Fixed errors:
  1. Loss diagram: with Mixed orientation:
    fixed error in Array Nominal Energy (at STC), and subsequent losses.
    No impact on the result
  2. Auxiliaries: were not accounted during night, when Grid is disconnected
  3. Shadings : Fixed report generation error due to erroneous objects imported from external files.

In version 6.7.7 (15.11.18)

!!! If you are using version 6.73 or older, you are required to synchronize your license before downloading this version!!!

  1. Hidden parameters: reorganized the topics, more easy
  2. Stand-alone systems, battery, controllers: translation (only in French just now)
  3. Batch mode: added ground albedo as parameter for bifacial systems
  4. Interactive map: added new map using OpenStreetMap services and OpenLayers protocol
  5. Shadings : added possibility to apply strings attribution to multiple selected fields
Fixed errors:
  1. Grid-storage with undersized Charger: unrealistic overload loss
  2. Stand-alone controllers: sometimes thresholds def. not well initialized
  3. Pumping: creating new Variant crashed.
  4. Batteries and Pumps databases: some bad definitions.
  5. Several dialog problems due to deep modernization of dialogs in V 6.76:
    Module layout: Problem for getting I/V curves model
    PV modules definition: Rserie, Rshunt not modifiable
    Bifacial option not modifiable
    Detailed losses: AC losses: definition as % did not work
    AMPT optimizers: Number of modules in series not modifiable.
  6. Fix for components not appearing in import and export tool.
  7. Fix for crash in the Bifacial tool with 2d unlimited sheds.
  8. Fix for crash when importing a variant to a new project.
  9. Fix for crash when starting a new project without admin rights and UAC disabled.

In version 6.7.6 (18.10.18)

!!! If you are using version 6.73 or older, you are required to synchronize your license before downloading this version!!!

  1. Battery storage in grid systems:
    3 strategies: self-consumption, peak shaving, weak grid islanding
  2. Simulation: Implementation of FirstSolar spectral correction model, which can be used with all PV technologies
  3. Filter for Bi-facial and 1’500V PV modules
  4. PVGIS import: the old site will be closed soon, implemented new import of hourly TMY or monthly data, directly from their API
  5. NREL NSRDB: TMY hourly or Monthly data, direct import from their API
  6. Meteo import in SAM CSV format:
    for NREL NSRDB hourly / sub-hourly / multi year / TMY files
    for Explorador Solar TMY (Chile).
  7. Creation of a site: direct import of hourly data from several API sites
  8. Horizon import: direct from PVGIS, or flexible .CSV format
  1. Ageing tool reworked, now with a table of Yields, PR and PR loss values
  2. Report presentation: restructured, marked different parameter sections, gather important infos about the system on the fist page
  3. Report customization: possibility of choosing columns on the main table other possible customizations (system type, etc.)
  4. Grid limitation strategy, accounted now as a specific “Unused Energy” loss
  5. Stand-alone systems: secured the definition of SOC thresholds
  6. Geographic site coordinates: defined now as seconds (30m resolution), or with 4 decimals (11m resolution) for horizon definition purpose.
  7. Meteo sources no longer available: removed from the Meteo import tool.
  8. Workspace contains now a \template\ directory for all template files (new ones)
  9. Button to open the Windows explorer in \PVsyst660_Data\
  10. License: enhanced reading of HostID information on Virtual Machine
  11. Project: enhanced sorting when loading project
Fixed errors:
  1. Several issues in the Pumping system definition, when creating it from scratch
  2. Warning: the basic mechanism for all dialogs has been deeply modernized,
    this may lead to unexpected errors in some dialogs
  3. Errors in the Module Layout calculation (for severe shading situations only):
    – with Maxim PV modules when the Vlimit is very low
    – with SolarEdge optimizers when using Half-cell modules.
  4. Import: fixed importation of project as component (.vdx variants were missing)

In version 6.7.5 (06.08.18)

!!! If you are using version 6.73 or older, you are required to synchronize your license before downloading this version!!!

  1. String inverters: add. info, and warning when choosing “Use Multi-MPPT”
  2. Help about bi-facial: add a page explaining the results in detail
Fixed errors:
  1. Projects involving Mixed orientation: errors in simulation
    (namely on IAM and near shading losses)
  2. CSV hourly files: error in the version 6.74: many values were null !
  3. Ageing tool: always reverts to 10 years when entering the dialog.
  4. Solar parameters tool (plots): some insignificant errors.
  5. Maxim optimizers: little error in simulation => Ohmic loss = 0.

In version 6.7.4 (13.07.18)

!!! A license synchronization is required before the update of PVsyst !!!

  1. Update to Meteonorm V 7.2
    New database of 2’500 stations
    New features: Linke coefficient, Humidity (for spectral corr.)
    Mention of the RMS of the years distribution  (for P50/P90).
  2. Weather-corrected Performance Ratio  (temperature corr. only).
  1. Optimized simulation speed for cases with many inverters or MPPT inputs
  2. Customization of some features of the report
    (show PR weather-corrected, some selectable columns in monthly table)
  3. Bi-facial: improved Help, set a detailed procedure
  4. License: enhanced reading of HostID information
Fixed errors:
  1. SolarGIS monthly files were no more readable (modif. SolarGIS)
  2. Bifacial Mismatch loss: was slightly over evaluated (by the % of Bifacial)
  3. Fixed error of V 6.73 concerning Grid MV Voltage in AC losses.
  4. Batch parameters reading on file was not operational.
  5. SolarEdge new optimizers P850: fixed sizing problems.
  6. Maxim optimizers: Voltage limit not well taken into account (no effect on simulation results).

In version 6.7.3 (29.05.18)

PVsyst now uses hardware acceleration and requires display drivers which support OpenGL 2.0.
Please make sure they are up-to-date.

  1. New language available: Portuguese.
  2. Import of Meteo data measured on a tracker
  3. Economics: new database for defining component’s prices
  1. Revised the dialog for the Meteo import (ASCII) format, improved visualization of the source file contents
Fixed errors:
  1. Helios3d import: in V 6.72, the tables positions were shifted by 1/2 table
  2. Report: Scale error in the Normalized variables plot
  3. Possible little simulation error when  Inverter losses over current limit.

In version 6.7.2 (04.05.18)

PVsyst now uses hardware acceleration and requires display drivers which support OpenGL 2.0. Please make sure they are up-to-date.

  1. Shadings : masks can be defined for zones of tables, preventing them to place tables in these areas.
Fixed errors:
  1. Tracking diffuse computations : fixed an error in calculations when using multi-threading

In version 6.7.1 (01.05.18)

PVsyst now uses hardware acceleration and requires display drivers which support OpenGL 2.0. Please make sure they are up-to-date.

  1. Tool for Ageing studies, multi-year batch simulation:
    – For different operating years, same meteo data
    – For a set of yearly meteo data files
    – Results and graphs on the report
  2. Shading calculations: multi-threading
  1. Possibility of backtracking with horizontal trackers, shifted trackers
  2. Meteo ASCII files import: completely revised, more reliable for any file,
    exports the list of the data problems in the file.
  3. Batch mode and sheds optimization tool:
    – Modification of the pitch as parameter
    – Bi-facial: height above ground as parameter.
Fixed errors:
  1. Horizontal tracking: fixes for the non-zero azimuth definition
  2. Stand-alone systems: error in the Threshold’s analysis tool
    => specified erroneous voltage thresholds on the report
  3. Transposition factor optimization plot: crash
  4. Error when reading new CdTe (First Solar) PV modules

In version 6.7.0 (29.03.18)

PVsyst now uses hardware acceleration and requires display drivers which support OpenGL 2.0. Please make sure they are up-to-date.

  1. Bifacial model for tracking 1-axis systems (unlimited trackers).
  2. Report outputs: now managed with in integrated PDF tool
    You can visualize, scroll, save and print like any PDF document
  3. Loss diagram: export of the values (with more details) to EXCEL.
  1. Report: refined the add. information about the sheds and trackers systems
    (sheds size and pitch, GCR, limit angles, etc).
  2. Wiring resistance management: improvement of the choice stability (% Pstc)
    when changing the nominal power.
  3. Wiring resistance help: revision, new page for detailed calculations.
  4. SolarEdge: implemented mix with “normal” inverters in other sub-arrays
    (was not possible un to now, and freezed).
  5. SolarEdge pre-sizing process: correction and improvement.
  6. Workspace: updated and improved selection of directories in workspace dialogs.
  7. Tables of monthly values: improved some units displays, now up to 10 columns.
Fixed errors:
  1. Inverter night losses: now null if the option “night disconnect”
    (after external transformer) is activated
  2. Battery system definition: crash when choosing the battery first
  3. Grid Power limitation: didn’t work properly with very big systems,
    the limitation was at the inverter level => did not recover losses
    from inverter to grid when overload (little yield underevaluation).
  4. Bug fixes specific to version 6.6.9 : Erroneous voltage in the lists of batteries.